Hello World!

Many many moons ago I got lost in time in the bush and found myself, I came back a stranger.

My only true and enduring ambitions in life are enlightenment and self discovery.

From the skies, starting high up in the hills and mountains,
Trickling, bubbling, cascading, ever growing.
Seeking out each nook and cranny, each crack and crevice learning the way down to the valleys where it becomes mightily strong and powerful.
Deep depths in parts, slow moving, spiritual, silent, sensitive to everything it touches, loud and noisy boisterous white water in other parts where it is fast, dangerous, exciting, brushing everything in its path aside.
Watching and learning all the way.
Rocky and barren in parts, sinister and spooky, eagles circling high overhead, crows cawing, lizards scuttling across hot rocks, snakes slithering, virtually inaccessible from the outside.
Sweet smelling greenery for most of the way with grasses, trees, blossoms and bright flowers
Full of life, birds, animals, insects, singing, dancing
Beauty, happiness, joy. Life giving, always life giving.
Everything sees the river and the river sees everything learning and teaching, Enchantment and fascination.
Gathering strength wisdom and wondrous awe all along the way as I contemplate the experiences lived, the knowledge acquired, the self-discovery and enlightenment.
Then , like a river, I will glide into death, serene and noble losing myself and my dreams, as the great rivers flow into the oceans losing their waters amid the unfathomable depths of the sea, so shall i.
Death is not the end but the beginning of something else.
I have glimpsed the big blue, smelt it and tasted the salt.
Are there more bends, twists and valleys to come or is the final stretch just around the next corner, I don’t know.
When I do see that final path to the coastline my surface and edges will go forward dancing and prancing, bubbling and chuckling followed deeply and meaningfully by my body surging forward to blend in harmony, peace and love.

Mother Nature is the Boss and Father Time is the Manager

Little or no doubt in my mind!
For sure meddling man is no more than a grain of sand in the desert.
One thing that puzzles me is that we, mankind, are a part of nature, yet were we to be wiped out there is not one single element of wildlife, flora, fauna, water or land, not to mention the very air that everything breathes which would not benefit from our absence.
In the great curve of time I doubt whether mankind as a whole is even out of the crèche yet.
Having said that, it must also be said there are many amazing people out there from all walks of life, and levels of society.
For example the people who work on the ground with animals and general wildlife protection are surely amongst the most passionate, dedicated folk around, whose integrity and compassion is beyond question.
I for one certainly owe them a great deal of thanks for the work they do and have done, I am extremely fortunate for the time I have spent in the kruger Park in particular, and without their efforts it would probably not have been possible.


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